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The installation process is pretty straightforward to those who know, but clients almost never grasp the concept right away. They are anxious to get their panels up and usable. They don't understand the nuances and where things can get held up. It's your job to educate them on the process and update them on the latest changes. Use Milestones to automatically update them on the install process. Clients will be happier for being kept in the loop, and you will be happier to receive less phone calls from your clients.

Solar Installations

Keep clients in the know.

Enhance client communication with less work on your part.

Phase Videos

Add video clips to your status updates. Video is the best way to visually depict the process of the install.


 Clients are often anxious because they don’t understand the process. Fill your client portal with information, videos and graphics to help them learn.


Dive into the data. See how often your clients are utilizing the application, thereby saving your legal staff from unnecessary interruption. 

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Team Tab

Let your clients know who their customer support rep is and who they can reach out to about questions.

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