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Real Estate Agents

Although you know the process like the back of your hand, clients are often confused about the steps of buying or selling a house. After all, they may only do it a handful of times in their lifetime.


Along with automated updates on the transaction, Milestones will provide your clients with educational materials to learn about the process. The material you show your client is completely customizable, allowing you to add your own personal touch. This material, whether it be videos, descriptions or FAQ’s, helps ease the mind of your clients. 

Keep clients in the know.

Enhance client communication with less work on your part.

Phase Videos

Add video clips to your status updates. Video is the best way to visually depict the process of the install.


 Clients are often anxious because they don’t understand the process. Fill your client portal with information, videos and graphics to help them learn.

Customized Verbiage

Make a personalized message to both update and educate your client as to what is going on at each step of the process. With a customized FAQ section your clients will have commonly asked questions right on their phone.


Milestones prompts clients to leave a review at the close of their case. Collect more 5 star reviews and discover ways to improve your firm.

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