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Our Product

Milestones is dedicated to making our software the most effective for both you and your clients. Here are just a few of our features.


Milestones automatically sends custom text messages to notify your client of a status update. Your client can log in to the software by simply clicking a link.

Drip Campaigns

Long periods of time in between phases can be alarming to clients. Remind them that there is still work being done on their case with drip messages.


Educate your clients with custom descriptions of every phase of the case through our client portal and text notifcations.

Mass Messaging

Easily communicate with all clients via mass messaging. Send marketing material or simply notify of company updates.

Customize the app to match your firms branding styles under the company settings tab. Use your own company logo and color scheme.


We speak Spanish! Ask us about our language options.

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See Milestones in action.

Eliminate unnecessary communication and improve customer experience with automatic update notifications.

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