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Be Proactive with Communication, Not Reactive

It is not uncommon to have tens of thousands of cases for a single tort. You try hard to update your clients with mass emails and newsletters, but somehow you still seem to be overwhelmed by the number of calls you get from clients. Text message updates are wonderful, but what can you really cover in 160 characters? 


Use the Milestones client portal to send updates. Clients login by simply clicking a link within a text message. The client portal will house all information regarding the case and will educate your clients on how the process works.

Mass Tort Client Experience



is the average open rate for professional services email.  

Seems pretty crazy right? As an attorney, you can’t live without email. Turns out, most people in the outside world hardly check it.

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Keep clients in the know.

Enhance client communication with less work on your part.

Mass Messaging

Got news on the case? Message your entire client base in just a few clicks. 


 Clients are often anxious because they don’t understand the process. Fill your client portal with information, videos and graphics to help them learn what happens in a mass tort case.

Drip Notifications

Let clients know you are still working by using drip update messages. These text message updates will be sent at whatever frequency you decide.

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See Milestones in action.

Eliminate unnecessary communication and improve customer experience with automatic update notifications.