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Insurance Agencies

Your clients are anxious to hear the status of their claim. They have money at stake and they don’t understand the complexities of the insurance world. Milestones integrates with your management software to automatically update them on the process of the claim. When your clients enter the Milestones application, they will be able to learn a little bit about what happens behind the scenes. Insurance agencies can add custom information to educate their clients and set proper expectations.

Keep clients in the know.

Enhance client communication with less work on your part.


 Clients are often anxious because they don’t understand the process. Fill your client portal with information, videos and graphics to help them learn.

Customized Verbiage

Make a personalized message to both update and educate your client as to what is going on at each step of the process. With a customized FAQ section your clients will have commonly asked questions right on their phone.

Automated Phase Updates

We directly connect to your case management software and as you and your legal staff make updates, your client will automatically be kept in the loop.


is the average open rate for professional services email.  

Seems pretty crazy right? In the insurance industry, you can’t live without email. Turns out, most people in the outside world hardly check it.

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