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Keep clients in the know.

Eliminate unnecessary communication and improve customer experience with automatic update notifications.

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Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Client Updates

Beat your clients to the punch - update them before they ask you.

Loaded With Data

See the results with real time

data - See which clients are logging in, and how much time it is saving your legal staff.

Custom Built For You

Personalized interface for each  individual firm.

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Locked down security with 
Amazon Web Services
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Kill two birds with one Milestone

Bird 1

You want to keep your clients in the loop every step of the way. You want them to know that you are on top of things. You’ve listened to a million CLE’s that tell you it’s all about the client experience. At the same time, you need to read that brief, hire that employee, and a million other things. It’s tough to keep them apprised with everything you have going on.

Bird 2

You get tired of telling the same story. How many times have you explained how a case actually works?  You can’t remember what you have and haven’t covered with each individual client. They almost never understand the first time, so you’ll probably have to tell them again anyway. Let Milestones help you solve both these challenges.

Integrates with:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we choose which clients use Milestones?

Absolutely. The default setting is for Milestones to send to all your clients, but you can easily change that setting on a per client basis.

Is Milestones only for law firms?

No, Milestones functions with many different business types.

How long does the implementation take?

Not as long as your case management software… ;) The answer depends on the size of the firm, and the amount of practice areas, but typically in the 1-2 months range.

Can we create our own messaging?

Yes. Each client can create their own verbiage for each status update.

What work does my staff need to do keep the program functioning?

Nothing! Through our integrations, Milestones will automatically send status updates with certain triggers in your case management software.

Case Study

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See Milestones in action.

Eliminate unnecessary communication and improve customer experience with automatic update notifications.

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